How to Avoid Miscarriage During IVF

Whether they occur naturally or as a result of IVF, miscarriages are regrettable but common throughout pregnancy. Therefore, if you are trying your hardest to get pregnant through IVF, you need to be aware of the potential causes of miscarriage after IVF and take steps to prevent it.

Check some of the crucial things to avoid a miscarriage during IVF as per the best fertility doctor in Bangalore.

Get your TSH Levels estimated:

You should get a complete blood hormone profile test as an IVF patient before starting therapy. Like TSH test and other tests in favor of ovarian function (FSH, LH, and AMH). Miscarriage and elevated or reduced TSH levels are inter related. A month or more before egg retrieval, medication should be begun to treat aberrant thyroid levels.

Choose the proper progesterone:

You will take progesterone to keep the pregnancy going during an IVF, donor, or FET cycle. These are in the form of tablets, gel, or injections. If you encounter post-transfer bleeding, progesterone is the most efficient method to stop that. These injections might be the most effective progesterone delivery methods in an IVF hospital in Bangalore to prevent miscarriage.

Achieve fitness before your IVF:

After IVF, miscarriages frequently occur for unknown reasons. That being said, maintaining good health is still crucial. Both spouses should begin a wellness regimen at least three months prior to your procedure. Quit smoking; it is a recognized contributor to miscarriage. Quit consuming alcohol. Consider doing some exercise.

Additionally, maintain your BMI at a healthy level. Eat a healthy, balanced diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and low in carbohydrates and fats.

If you and your best IVF doctor in Bangalore are ready, you can lower the likelihood of this kind of miscarriage. These are red flags if you've had cervical surgery, had a difficult delivery or termination in the past, or have an unusually shaped womb or incompetent cervix.

IVF is now the only chance for millions of people who want to have children. However, throughout your path to blissful motherhood, selecting Miracle IVF Hospital, the top IVF clinic in Bangalore is crucial to prevent any difficulties.

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