Patient comes with a hope

Delivering their bundle of joy

We may have our differences,
but nothing’s more important than family.

Patient comes with a hope

Its a start of a new chapter

To us, family means putting your arms
around each other and being there.

Welcome to Miracle IVF Hospital, Nagarbhavi Bangalore - Best IVF Hospital

Named after the euphoric feeling of achieving pregnancy, Miracle IVF complements our mission of providing couples with a precious chance to start a family.

Pregnancy and having a family are two of the most beautiful phases in any couple’s life. But sometimes the precious wish that couples aspire for does not come through due to various reasons creating a sense of disappointment.

While IVF is the answer, there is also a need to start your family strong with a healthy and safe pregnancy. This is where Miracle IVF Hospital continues to make a major and visible difference to now be recognized as the best fertility hospital in Bangalore.

Since its inception, Miracle IVF Hospital, the well-known IVF Hospital and centre in Nagarbhavi, Bangalore, has fast grown to become the first-choice medical centre for fertility treatments. Led by a charismatic founder and fertility care specialist with tons of experience, our fertility specialists have brought back smiles on the faces of many couples by helping them realise their dream through their compassionate treatment approach with a personal touch.

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About the doctor

Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar
  • Fellow- Reproductive Medicine
  • Fertility specialist and Gynaecologist
  • Diploma in Human Resources Development
  • Diploma in Hospital Administration
  • Diploma in Health and Hospital Management
  • Medical Director, Miracle IVF Hospital & Chandana Hospital, Bangalore

Dr. Rekha Rajendra Kumar’s father wanted her to become a doctor. More than a wish from her father, an incident where she witnessed her mother getting saved by a female doctor set a passionate fire in young Rekha’s heart.

Dr. Rekha combines knowledge with brilliance and a cool and calm approach to make the patient comfortable throughout her stay in the hospital. In her 30 years of experience, Dr. Rekha has seen thousands of patients go back happy and cheerful, thanks to her dedication and determined care. These qualities have today made her the most trusted IVF Specialist in Bangalore. She has handled some of the most complex cases successfully and transformed lives with her healing touch.

Why choose Miracle IVF Hospital for IVF treatment in Bangalore?

Miracle IVF Hospital has won the trust of many patients as the best IVF clinic in Nagarbhavi Bangalore due to the sheer commitment and expertise of our fertility experts. Additionally,

  • Miracle IVF Hospital has been ranked as the best fertility clinic in Bangalore for its high percentage of success.
  • The hospital has left no stones unturned in ensuring the safety and security of the patients at all costs.
  • Led by the best Lady IVF Specialist in Bangalore, the hospital has a team of vastly experienced and seasoned fertility experts at your service.
  • The hospital offers the most affordable and low-cost IVF treatment without any compromise on the quality of the treatment.
IVF Hospital and Centre in Bangalore

Miracle IVF Hospital has the most advanced facilities to treat Infertility cases. Our versatile and vastly experienced fertility care specialists have a proven track record in treating cases related to infertility and have solved many cases which were considered impossible. Having been trained by some of the experts from leading hospitals, our doctors possess the patience and surgical finesse to offer treatments like In-Vitro Fertilization.

Fertility Centre in Bangalore

When it comes to caring with a personal touch, Miracle IVF Hospital outshines the rest as the most preferred IVF treatment centre in Bangalore. Our specialists take you, our esteemed patients along in every discussion so that we collectively arrive at the best treatment approach that is safe, effective and gives the best results for you. We strongly adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by the organization and strive to make your stay with us the most memorable one.

IVF Specialist in Bangalore

Infertility is one of the most common medical conditions found across the globe where couples do not succeed in conceiving despite having safe sexual intercourse. However, the impact of advanced technology has made a huge difference in the hopes of couples aspiring to realise their dreams of having a family. Having said that, there are few known faces in the medical fraternity who combine passion and compassion to rise above expectations and bring in a refreshing change. Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar leads by example to be recognised as the best fertility doctor in Nagarabhavi, Bangalore.

IVF/Fertility Doctor in Bangalore

When it comes to overcoming a tricky problem like Infertility, a dedicated doctor is what you need. Dr. Rekha’s passion for her field has not only made her the best infertility specialist in Bangalore but also a teacher. Hence, if you are looking for an IVF doctor in Nagarbhavi, Bangalore par excellence, feel free to connect with Dr. Rekha Ramachandran, in whose hands, you are very safe.

IVF Clinics – What features and facilities to expect

At the best IVF Hospital in Nagarbhavi, Bangalore, The IVF Procedure is usually done under the watchful eyes and directions of a seasoned experts. This procedure involves the following steps.


Stimulating the ovaries


Egg Retrieval


Fertilization of eggs


Embryo Culture


Embryo Transfer
Exceptional Team of Experts:

Our Miracle IVF Hospital, the best IVF clinic in Bangalore has specialists in IVF, andrology, and embryology dedicated to personalized patient care.

Cutting Edge Facilities:

Our Miracle IVF hospital in Bangalore is equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance clinical outcomes.

Proven Track Record:

More than 2000 successful IVF treatments at our IVF clinic in Bangalore, making dreams come true.

Most Trusted Care

Having experts with experience of 30+ years, our IVF hospital in Bangalore is committed to unwavering care.

High Success Rates:

Ranked among the top IVF centers, our IVF clinic in Bangalore boasts consistently high success rates.

Award-Winning IVF Clinic in Bangalore:

Miracle IVF Hospital in Bangalore is renowned for its excellence in fertility treatments, personalized care and advanced reproductive technologies.


A. Egg retrieval as a process is not a painful process as it is done under a safe and proven type of anaesthesia. However, patients might experience slight discomfort after the procedure like abdominal cramps which are taken care of by medicines.

A. When pregnancy cannot be achieved even after a certain period of time despite normal sexual intercourse, doctors recommend alternative reproductive techniques. IVF is the most proven and effective of technique which has the best and most favourable results.

A. Miracle IVF Hospital at Nagarbhavi, Bangalore is recognized as the most cost-effective and best IVF Hospital in Bangalore as it balances the cost and quality of the treatment, perfectly well.

A. Miracle IVF Hospital in Nagarbhavi is rated as the best IVF Clinic in Nagarbhavi due to a competent team of fertility experts supported by the most modern medical infrastructure.


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