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As per reputed IVF hospitals in Bangalore, there are many false beliefs about becoming pregnant and infertility. You've probably heard a number of them from well-intentioned family members and others who want to cheer you up. But it's crucial to distinguish reality from fiction while trying to conceive. The four popular falsehoods are debunked in the list below.

  • Myth: Infertility is not common. For most women, becoming pregnant is simple.

    Fact: 15% of all couples worldwide will experience fertility problems, and many of them will be given a reproductive disease diagnosis. The best IVF Specialist in Bangalore encourages people under 30 to attempt becoming pregnant for roughly a year before seeking treatment; however, if you have apparent issues, such as highly irregular periods or known pelvic adhesions, or partner issues, don't wait for one year.

  • Myth: Only women suffer from infertility.

    Fact: Sperm abnormalities or male factors account for infertility in roughly 50% of couples. The quantity of sperm, their form, or their capacity to travel efficiently may all be problematic. There are many guys with blockages or other curable disorders who produce little to no sperm. Early male testing during the assessment of infertility is crucial as per the best fertility doctor in Bangalore.

  • Myth: If you're healthy, your age won't affect your fertility. Additionally, thanks to cutting-edge technology like in-vitro fertilization (IVF), waiting to have children is not an issue.

    Fact: A woman's chances of having trouble getting pregnant increases with age irrespective of good health. By employing a variety of fertility therapies, such as IVF, the top IVF clinic in Bangalore tries to combat decline in fertility with the growing age. When she is between the ages of 19 and 26, her chances of getting pregnant are high. Egg number and quality start to decline after the age of 35 and around the age of 38, they decline significantly. So early assistance might make a significant difference in getting pregnant.

  • Myth: Infertility is caused by stress. You'll become pregnant if you just relax!

    Fact: This statement, which is frequently made by well-meaning individuals, is simply untrue for those who are struggling with infertility. It is true that situations involving a lot of stress might interfere with ovulation. However, stress cannot be directly connected as the root cause of infertility as per the infertility specialist in Bangalore for the great majority of couples. When the couple are facing infertility or undergoing treatment, they invariably will have some stress.

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