The acclaim for introducing the pioneering technique of IVF goes to Dr. Patrick Steptoe and Sir Robert Edwards. It all began with a blocked fallopian tube case in 1978, where a laparoscope was used to collect eggs from the woman and sperm from her husband. These were then cultivated in Petri dishes in the laboratory, and a fertilized egg was placed in her womb. The first child born through IVF treatment was named Louise Brown. Years later, in 2010, Edwards was awarded the Nobel Prize for his huge contribution to the medical community.

What is IVF?

In Medical science, IVF is a medical procedure where the egg and sperm are inseminated in vitro. It involves a series of processes, where the ovulatory progress is monitored, and egg and sperm are extracted and then allowed to fertilize by creating a cultural medium. This entire approach can be divided into 3 parts where the fertilized ovum is put into the womb and allowed to grow.

It takes around 3 weeks for the entire process to be complete. At Miracle IVF Hospitals, our experts use their experience and knowledge of the process to bring out the results you expect.

Background of IVF

If we go through the initial stage to today:

The 1950s – IVF testing on mice and rabbits Dr. Min Chueh Chang was the one who was able to deliver successful IVF for rabbits. This brought forth the fact that fertilization is not required for carrying a baby in the womb. This invention showed effective results in terms of animal IVF procedures.

1970 - IVF attempts on humans After a few attempts, finally, a team at Monash University was able to achieve the first human IVF pregnancy, but that failed within a few days in 1973. Since then, many similar processes and projects have been undertaken, but they also eventually gave out negative results.

Then, in 1978 the first successful IVF pregnancy was reported. It took the process to get into the mainstream a decade, i.e.1980. By 1986, about 1000+ childbirth had been successful through the IVF technique. The journey has been incredible since then, and at present, in the 20th century, remarkable results can be witnessed.

Present scenario of IVF

Previously IVF used to cost a huge amount, but after technological development, the cost has been reduced, and also there has been an increase in accessible and safe treatment procedures. There have been advances in microinjection of sperm, ultrasound, hormonal follicle stimulation, frozen embryo storage, single embryo transfer, etc. At present, more than a million babies have been born through this technology.

There have been multiple improvements in the technique IVF over time, and the most important ones are:
  • The cons of intake of fertility drugs for a long period of time have been reduced.
  • The egg retrieval process for IVF does not require laparoscopy anymore and can be extracted directly from the vagina.
  • Embryology labs can now cultivate embryos for a long period of time.
  • The cell division is monitored at every stage through Live-Cam 24 hours.
  • Even men with low sperm count can become fathers owing to intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
  • You can get an accurate genetic makeup and also an improved pregnancy rate.
  • There has been a reduction in the risk of miscarriage or multiple gestations.
  • You get a detailed report regarding the 24 chromosomes, and the whole embryo genome through Comprehensive chromosome screening.

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