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Gynae endoscopy or gynaecological endoscopy is a technique for diagnosing and evaluating a broad spectrum of female disorders i.e. problems related to female reproductive health. The procedure involves the use of a special instrument, known as an endoscope, which is inserted inside the female body via natural orifices or by making tiny keyhole incisions so as to observe the internal organs and cavities. Gynae endoscopy is the outcome of recent technological advancements in the field of surgery

Gynae endoscopy can help to determine the cause or origin of vaginal haemorrhages and anatomical alterations as well and detect and evaluate problems like endometrial alterations (atrophies or hyperplasia), endometrial polyps, endometrial adhesion, uterine septa or malformations and myomas.

What is the use of Gynae endoscopy?
  • Investigation - Gynae endoscopy may be recommended to females experiencing symptoms like persistent abdominal or pelvic pain, heavy menstrual flow, vaginal discharge etc. so as to determine the underlying cause of the same.
  • Confirm a diagnosis - Gynae endoscopy may be recommended to carry out a biopsy so as to confirm the diagnosis of a serious disease or disorder such cancer or in cases of infertility to ascertain the reason for infertility, tubal factor, endometriosis etc
  • Treatment - Gynae endoscopy can be used in surgical technique, thereby allowing the doctors to carry out a wide spectrum of procedures without the need for major surgery. The benefits of Gynae endoscopic surgery are vast and significant.
Gynae endoscopy for fertility

Gynae endoscopy can be used to determine tubal patency and other problems that might interfere with your ability to conceive. InFertility diagnostic and operative endoscopy can help to evaluate structural abnormalities, endometriosis, adhesions and ovarian cysts as well as help the doctor to decide the best treatment plan accordingly. Endoscopy is used to inspect the organs in the pelvic region as well as carry out surgeries if there is a need of the same.

Various procedures that involve the use of Gynae endoscopy
  • Laparoscopy - It is a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure that is performed to examine various organs present inside the abdominal cavity.
  • Hysteroscopy - The procedure involves the examination of the uterus so as to diagnose, evaluate and treat the cause of abnormal vaginal bleeding.
  • Colposcopy - It is performed to examine the cervix, vagina and vulva for any malformations and abnormal growths.
  • Falloposcopy - The procedure helps to examine the lumen of the fallopian tube by the Trans uterine insertion of the endoscope.
  • Fetoscopy - The procedure is carried out during pregnancy so as to access and examine the fetus, amniotic cavity and umbilical cord.

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