Before Opting for IVF - Important Things to Know at Miracle ICF Hospital, Bangalore.

Infertility affects a major chunk of the world’s population. It is a condition of the human reproductive system that leads to an inability to conceive after a year or more of unprotected sex. With 1 in every 6 persons affected by infertility; in vitro fertilization is a common route for couples wishing to become parents. The decision to go through this procedure is usually an unbalanced mix of excitement and nerve wreck. On one end this takes couples a step closer to becoming parents, on the other end it keeps them on the toes about what to expect and what could happen.

Miracle IVF, being one of the best IVF hospitals in Bangalore believes that being prepared and staying informed is the only way to equip yourself emotionally and physically during the IVF process. Here’s everything a couple needs to do before starting the IVF journey:

  • IVF involves a multi-step sequential procedure It’s primal to understand and acknowledge at the very beginning that the IVF procedure involves multiple sequential steps. So, it is important to have patience and hold on to the hope at the end of the tunnel. For the multiple doctor visits, fertility medications, bloodwork, and ultrasounds the process requires you to be prepared for a doctor visit every other day.
  • Get your health in check before initiating the process Have any existing health concerns? Like diabetes, obesity, or any other kind of chronic condition? Get that in check first before you visit the best IVF clinic in Bangalore before moving into the process. Achieve a healthy score on the BMI scale, limit alcohol consumption, quit tobacco, and make the necessary lifestyle changes needed, as that can substantially improve the IVF success rate.
  • Choose an ethical and efficient IVF centre You are going to entrust them with your dream of parenthood. So, the hands that carry that responsibility should be the one that ensures ethical compliance and gives their 100% to turn your dream into reality. So, research well and find a centre that complies with all protocols and guidelines and assures you of success.
  • Evaluate and estimate the cost beforehand IVF in some countries can be more expensive than expected. With very little support from the government, no insurance coverage, and a lack of adequate planning, the cost of the process could dig a hole in the pocket. However, planning, preparing well for the future expenses and researching well and paying in instalments can make the process easier and affordable to you.
  • The body is expected to go through some mild changes The IVF journey is expected to cause some changes in you emotionally and physically as the body undergoes the effect of hormonal medications. They are very insignificant, mild and very transient and can be very much ignored. However, under the supervision and guidance of our doctors at Miracle IVF Hospital, these changes become very easy to manage and control. It is always advisable to inform the changes happening in the body with the doctor at every visit to get the right advice and treatment.
  • IVF does not guarantee a pregnancy For some people, IVF might not work. While in some cases the couple conceives on the first attempt, some conceive after multiple attempts and some couples face a complete disappointment. At Miracle IVF Hospital, our IVF Specialist suggests that the success or failure of IVF majorly depends on age. For couples aged below 35, the success rate using their own eggs is around 50%.

IVF isn’t the end of the world. But if you think your odds are higher, consult our expert Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar at Miracle IVF and let her team of experts take charge of making your dream come true. With a team of the best IVF doctors in Bangalore with the best-in-class expertise, experience, and education, supported by next-gen infrastructure, we at Miracle IVF help you manifest your dream of parenthood.

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