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Named after the euphoric feeling of achieving pregnancy, Miracle IVF complements our mission of providing couples with a precious chance to start a family.

Miracle IVF closely aligns with what we are and whom we aspire to be, a team of compassionate and specialised healthcare professionals utilising modern science to improve the chances of conception. And we do this at a minimum cost.

Why choose us

We have one clear goal: Our only aim is to make you get a baby, a long-awaited miracle of your life. We provide you with a world of fertility expertise at a nominal cost.

By being focused, direct and efficient with our services, we have levelled the playing field and opened the door to eligible couples facing fertility challenges. We do this by operating differently, focusing on what provides patients with direct value.

We like to think that we are the family that will help you start yours.

In fact, realising your dream of having a child is our greatest aim. So when you book in to see us, we do all that we can to provide you with the highest level of customised clinical care at a low cost. No two couples are the same and everyone deserves the best chance at conception. This is what sets Miracle IVF Hospital apart from some low-cost IVF clinics that offer a simplified and standardised approach to IVF treatment.

About Us - Miracle IVF Hospital, Bangalore.

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About the doctor

Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar
  • Fellow- Reproductive Medicine
  • Fertility specialist and Gynaecologist
  • Diploma in Human Resources Development
  • Diploma in Hospital Administration
  • Diploma in Health and Hospital Management
  • Medical Director, Miracle IVF Hospital & Chandana Hospital, Bangalore

Dr. Rekha Rajendra Kumar’s father wanted her to become a doctor. More than a wish from her father, an incident where she witnessed her mother getting saved by a female doctor set a passionate fire in young Rekha’s heart.


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